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Post by extonim on Wed 22 Oct - 19:36

In Game name : extonim

Nationality: Polish

Age : 14

IRL presentation : Hi, my name is Paweł and I live in village near polish city named 'Lublin'. I play Warband over two years, a few months ago I saw 'Napoleonic Wars' DLC and i bought it over persuades my friend Magnus. I like music, sport and history, my favourite period is late modernity and early modernity,

In Game availabilites : I can sometimes sit in events like traning or battle, but no always.

Experience on Mount and Blade : Warband - Napoleonic Wars : I bought the Warband 2 years ago, Napoleonic Wars few months ago. I've never been in NW regiment seriously, my last experience was regiment on polish mod 'The Deluge', the regiment called SK or BG.

Have you ever been in a Napoleonic Wars regiment before?: I've been a deputy of Magnus, in his regiment.

How did you discover the 8e Régiment de Hussards?: My friend told me about you.

What are your motivations in joining us?: I want to play in organized group, meet some new people, and I want improve my english.

What do you think you can bring to the regiment (skills, talents, competences...)?: Well, I'll bring to your my personality above, but I can really good fight by saber. If my spoken english would be good as yours, I could show you my command skills.

Can you participate financially in the developpement of the regiment (teamspeak, servers, orgies...)?: I don't have bank account.

Additionals informations that you consider necessary?: My english accent sucks, so if you want to talk to me on Teamspeak, will be hard to understand me.


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Post by Lubukill on Thu 23 Oct - 16:52

Welcome Smile
Don't worry about your english, we have some guys who wouldn't be able to make an application here so x)
Come on TS when you'll be available to have an interview with Telnitz, if he's not available, add him on Steam and ask him to come Smile

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Post by Telnitz on Fri 24 Oct - 16:52

Entretien TS effectué, accepté au sein du 8ème Régiment de Hussards
Welcome !


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