Candidature [Adam S]

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Candidature [Adam S]

Post by Adam S on Thu 5 Jun - 20:07

Nationality: English

Age : 14

IRL presentation : Adam Sinclair

In Game availabilites : What? If you mean by availability for line battles and 1v1's, then most days, I cant on Wednesdays and will soon be doing exams, so will have to miss some days for revision.

Experience on Mount and Blade : Warband - Napoleonic Wars : A lot of experience, around 400 hours of it...

Have you ever been in a Napoleonic Wars regiment before ?  Yes, the 79th Regiment of foot (recently changed to 18e) led by Colnel John Price and the 11e Hussards led by Major Griff.

How did you discover the 8e Régiment de Hussards ? Through friends (Hadrian)

What are your motivations in joining us ? Got some friends here like Hadrian, and the overall performance of the 8e is outstanding (such as deamonette)

What do you think you can bring to the regiment ? (skills, talents, competences)
Skill (although I do need some work on timing)
Can you participate financially in the developpement of the regiment (teamspeak, servers, orgies...)? No. Not financially.

Additionals informations that you consider necessary? It would be deeply appreciated if you would take me on to the 8e.
Adam S

Adam S

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Re: Candidature [Adam S]

Post by Lubukill on Thu 5 Jun - 20:34

Welcome, you can get on TS when you want so we can do your interview for you to be accepted in the regiment :

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