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Candidate ~Rival~ Empty Candidate ~Rival~

Post by Rival on Thu 22 May - 20:39

Copy and paste is best.

Nationality: Northern Ireland

Age : 16

IRL presentation : My name is Michael :3

In Game availabilites : Oo

Experience on Mount and Blade : Warband - Napoleonic Wars : I've played this game for nearly two years now. Melee is addicting >.< NEED ANOTHER COMMUNITY D:

Have you ever been in a Napoleonic Wars regiment before ? Countless. Many of which are commanding positions. I've been in cav line arty you name it Razz

How did you discover the 8e Régiment de Hussards ? Tournis and overall good players to play with on cav gf :3

What are your motivations in joining us ? Tis cav.

What do you think you can bring to the regiment ? (skills, talents, competences) Fun and support i guess xD

Can you participate financially in the developpement of the regiment (teamspeak, servers, orgies...)? No D: and no wtf

Additionals informations that you consider necessary? Nope Very Happy

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Candidate ~Rival~ Empty Re: Candidate ~Rival~

Post by Lubukill on Thu 22 May - 21:08

Entretien TS effectué, accepté au sein du 8ème Régiment de Hussards
Welcome !


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